Action Awareness

Action AwarenessAction Awareness is open January 1 – March 1. Chapters will be required to complete one task for each day of FBLA Week, one task for CTE month, and America Saves to promote awareness of FBLA-PBL programs. All chapters that complete Action Awareness will receive ribbons at the NLC. Participants will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference and will receive ribbons at the National Leadership Conference.

Below is the full list of these tasks:

  1. Required. Plan an activity for your members for each day of FBLA Week—February 8–14. (Upload a press release describing the daily activities and a photo of members involved in at least one activity.)
  2. Required. Plan at least one activity for CTE Month in February that is different from the activities that your chapter planned for FBLA Week. (Upload a copy of a press release describing the activity and at least one photo.)
  3. Required. Sign up for America Saves Week—February 22–27—at and plan one activity to promote this week. (Upload a copy of a 100-word report and include at least one photo.)
  4. Plan a second semester recruitment drive. (Upload report describing the different activities that you conducted and include at least one photo.)
  5. Prepare a flyer, a bulletin board, or a display promoting FBLA Week (Upload a picture of one of your members by this project.)
  6. Have one of your officers write a letter to their senator or legislator highlighting the importance Perkins Funding to Career and Technical Student Organizations like FBLA and share the benefits of membership. (Upload a copy of the letter.)
  7. Have your officers or members prepare a print ad and an audio podcast about FBLA Week or a video blog done during FBLA Week. (Upload a copy of the ad and a link to the audio podcast or video blog.)
  8. Participate in the Good Neighbor project. (Complete the online form at
  9. Organize a second semester business tour for chapter members who have all paid dues. (Upload a one page summary of the tour, a list of participating members, and at least one photo of members in business attire in front of the business.)
  10. Invite a professional member to speak at a local chapter meeting or event. (Upload a copy of the invitation, a photo of the professional at the meeting with officers, and a copy of the bio used to introduce him/her. This activity must be different than one of the activities for FBLA Week on the required first task.)

Entries must be submitted online at when the program is open.