Business Achievement Awards

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is FBLA's signature high school division business and leadership program designed to compliment academics while accelerating a student's leadership skills. It is exclusively for high school division members.

The awards focus on the words surrounding the FBLA Crest: Service, Education, and Progress. There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated classroom projects. The individual recognition is a four-tier program (Future, Business, Leader, America) aligned with the FBLA-PBL Goals, NBEA Standards, and Career Clusters.

The individual program has a March 1 deadline for the first three levels and an April 25 deadline for the America award. In addition to receiving their America level pin at the National Leadership Conference, all recipients of this award who attend the NLC will receive America ribbons and certificates of recognition.

In the past, advisers were required to activate this program for each member. This step is no longer required.

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