MA FBLA on Slack


Dear Massachusetts FBLA chapter officers and advisers,

We, the State Officers of Massachusetts FBLA, are excited to announce a new tool coming to MA FBLA! We have constructed a Slack channel to be used by FBLA members all over the state. Our primary goal is to increase communication and to build a strong, vibrant community within the state. On top of this, we hope to create an environment for networking and relationship building through various events, including speaker series, virtual workshops, and open discussion forums. Hopefully, the Slack community will also be a valuable resource in helping chapters plan for next year.

As we roll out this exciting new feature, we are inviting the chapter officers and advisers at each school to join first before opening membership to general members at a later date. If you have graduated this year, please invite the new chapter officers from your school.

Here is how Slack will be structured for members depending on their participation in FBLA:

  • State officers: 
    • Make state-wide announcements
    • Host events
    • Meet with individual chapters/members
    • Answer questions from members, receive suggestions, and address concerns
  • Chapter officers and advisers:
    • Communicate with state officers AND directly with their own chapters (each school chapter may have a private channel within the Slack accessible to only their members and the state officers)
    • Organize cross-school events, competitions, etc.
    • Meet other chapter officers and members
  • Members
    • Attend state/chapter events
    • Stay in the know with both their chapter and the state officer team
    • Communicate/network with other FBLA members
    • Directly share thoughts with their chapter and the state officer team

To login to the Slack channel, CLICK HERE and register using any email address. See this tutorial for more details.

Make sure you name yourself in this format: First Name, Last Name, Leadership position name, School (i.e. Johnny Appleseed, President, American High School). If you do not specify that you are a chapter officer or adviser, you will not be added to the private chapter officer channel (where the state officer team and chapter officers will communicate). This is a locked channel, so only members who have been manually added may access it. However, other channels, including #discussion, #resources, #networking, etc. are public to all members and will be accessible to everyone once general members are invited to join.

Once you have registered online, please download the Slack desktop app and/or mobile app to receive notifications of new announcements and exciting conversations within the community!

During these next few weeks, the Slack community will be used specifically to communicate about NLE and end of year plans. We plan to host a virtual meetup for advisers and members who are attending the NLE to network and build relationships with one another, help prepare for their respective events, and discuss elections of new chapter leaders. At the start of the next membership year, we will resend information about joining the Slack Channel so that new members and extended members can join the channel to communicate about their individual chapters, and for us to hold virtual networking events and build cross-chapter communication.

Please remember to maintain a professional manner as we launch and expand these channels and check the our Community Guidelines and an in-depth tutorial on how to register for Slack. If you have any trouble joining or other questions or concerns, please let us know over email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are so excited for all of you to join!

Thank you,
The State Officers of MA FBLA