Milton High School celebrates fundraising success

By Brandon Musto, Chapter President, Milton High School FBLA

Just three years ago, Milton High School didn’t have an official FBLA chapter. Since its creation two years ago, it has evolved from an unknown club to one that attracts a growing number of students each year. One of the most astounding aspects of Milton’s FBLA chapter is the amount of success it has had in meeting and exceeding its fundraising goals.

$10,262! This is the amount of money that Milton’s FBLA chapter has been able to raise over the past two years. Raising this much money didn’t happen overnight, and by no means was it easy. In its inaugural year of its existence, the chapter’s first business initiative was selling customized neck ties. This got the ball rolling, and from there, the club continued generating money through many other business ventures, such as selling lollipops and sunglasses throughout the school year, and selling bandanas for our pep rally.

In the past two years, many members of the club have qualified for FBLA Nationals. As a result, the club has needed to think of new ways to generate money to help fund these once in a lifetime opportunities. In order to achieve this goal, the club used a mix of pitches to local businesses sponsors, and a name your price car wash. As the club pitched their funding proposal to businesses such as Fitness Unlimited in front of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, they were not only able to get some of the much needed funding for their trips, but they were also able to gain invaluable hands on experience in the field of pitching proposals.