Join FBLA’s Middle School Division

Starting a chapter at your middle school truly demonstrates your commitment to becoming a future business leader!

Steps to starting a chapter at your school:

1. Request a Chapter Organization Packet. Fill out a short form with your contact information to get the process started. This packet will give you more information about the process of starting a chapter and will allow us to contact you to offer assistance.

2. Find an adviser. Any teacher can serve in this role, so ask someone you think would be interested.

3. Recruit members and officers. Hold a meeting at your school to inform your classmates about FBLA. Explain the benefits and your plans for the year. Be sure to bring a sign-up sheet for those interested in joining.

4. Collect dues and register your chapter. Follow the instructions in your Chapter Organization Packet to register your chapter online. You will need to collect dues and submit it to the FBLA National Office.