Professional Division Recruitment

The FBLA professional division consists of FBLA alumni, business professionals and educators. An important resource to FBLA, these members support FBLA members via workshops and career counseling, while also serving as judges for competitive events. The Professional Division Recruitment program challenges you to recruit professional division members, and in return, you’ll receive money that can be put toward anything from a conference scholarship to a pizza party.

How it Works

  • Find local business professionals or educators — these could be people within your community or your family.
  • Explain to them what the FBLA professional division is, and encourage them to become a member. They can sign up online at
  • Once they sign up and pay dues, email their name(s) to For each 5 paid PD members recruited by a chapter, the chapter will receive a $50 prize. Example:
    • 4 members = No prize
    • 5 members = $50
    • 9 members = $50
    • 10 members = $100