Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor program is designed to honor those local chapters that charter or reactivate local FBLA middle school, high school, or collegiate division chapters in Massachusetts by March 1. For each new chapter chartered, the recruiting chapter will receive a $40 cash prize and will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference.

To be eligible for the award, new chapters must submit dues online for at least five members and have their officer information submitted to by March 1. The recruiting chapter must apply for the Good Neighbor award by March 1 at to receive the cash prize.

Tips for helping start a chapter:

  1. Find a middle school, high school, or college/university in Massachusetts that does not currently have an FBLA chapter, but where you already have a contact.
  2. Reach out to said contact, and ask them if they would be interested in forming an FBLA Chapter. Explain what FBLA is, the benefits of joining, and offer ways to help them get a chapter up and running.
  3. Offer to walk them through the process of forming a chapter. Refer them to the MA FBLA website ( to learn more and request a Chapter Organization Packet.
  4. Once they have started forming a chapter, aid them in securing an adviser and recruiting new members. Offer the new chapter tips and strategies on how to do so. Refer them to the resource database on the MA FBLA website for helpful tools and ideas. Make sure they have chapter officers!
  5. Remind the newly-formed chapter to submit their dues and officer information prior to the national dues deadline of March 1.

If you need assistance in starting a chapter, please contact our state advisers.