Non-Stop November

Non Stop NovemberThe Non-Stop November program encourages chapters to participate in World Prematurity Awareness Month (for the March of Dimes) and American Enterprise Day. Participants are recognized at the State Leadership Conference and receive ribbons at the National Leadership Conference. In order to participate, chapters complete three required tasks and seven optional tasks.

Chapter members should save their work in the cloud or on a flash drive, then provide all documentation to the adviser who will submit to nationals.

Upload your work by December 10 by following these steps:

  1. Advisers must log into their myFBLA account
  2. Using the left navigation, select Advisers > Manage Your Chapter
  3. Click the blue National Programs button, then the blue Access Adviser Area button
  4. Click the link labeled FBLA CHAPTER CHALLENGE DASHBOARD
  5. Click the green button to enter the Non-Stop November dashboard
  6. Follow the instructions to activate the project for your chapter
  7. Select and upload documentation provided by members and submit to the national office for review

Below is the full list of tasks:

  1. Required. Create a committee to focus on developing a March of Dimes Project or an American Enterprise Project. (Upload name of members, upload a picture of members, and upload one committee meeting agenda.)
  2. Required. Have fundraiser/awareness event for the March of Dimes or an event to celebrate or create awareness for our American free enterprise system. (Upload a press release and a photo.)
  3. Required. Have at least two members complete the Business Level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA)
  4. Register for and participate in Lead4Change. Click for information here and register here.
  5. Have at least two members attend a National Fall Leadership Conference.
  6. Tour a local business.
  7. Prepare a flyer promoting American Enterprise Day (November 15) or World Prematurity Day (November 17).
  8. Light your school up in purple to celebrate World Prematurity Day on November 17. Request a toolkit here.
  9. Create a skit about the American Enterprise System and have members present it to an elementary school class. Then have an essay contest or coloring contest that reinforces our free market system or what job that they would like to do when they grow up.
  10. Have your chapter members wear purple on November 17 in honor of World Prematurity Day. Request a toolkit here.
  11. Invite a local March of Dimes representative to speak to your chapter.
  12. Invite a businessperson, alumni member, or professional division member to speak at a local chapter meeting or event.
  13. Create an Alumni Area on your chapter website or alumni Facebook page for your chapter and plan a meet-and-greet activity where your members can network with FBLA alumni. (Upload a photo to the National Instagram or Facebook page with the #NetworkingwithAlumni.)
  14. Sign up a FBLA team from your local chapter and participate in LifeSmarts. Register here.
  15. Participate in the Men’s Wearhouse “How to Dress for Success” by requesting a local representative to conduct the seminar or have your officers conduct the seminar using the self-service kit. Request by emailing