Stock Market Game

Students in the Stock Market Game (SMG) can work individually or in teams with up to 5 members to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks and funds to build a virtual investment portfolio. They track and manage their investments over the course of 15 weeks. Students participating in The Stock Market Game are provided with valuable opportunities to practice core skills in math, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Business, Economics, and other subjects in a real world scenario.

Game dates for the Fall 2019 SMG are 9/16/19–12/6/19. The registration deadline is 10/16/19.

The Spring 2020 SMG dates are 2/2/20–4/24/20. The registration deadline is 3/2/20.

The registration fee is $10.95 for an individual or for a team of up to 5 students. Adviser registration is also $10.95. Students and advisers will be ranked and winners will be publicized through FBLA.

To register, login to your my.FBLA account. For assistance with login information, please reach out to our state staff.